Looking for a unique way to show off your patriotism this 4th of July? Look no further and follow this simple and fun tutorial to make some unique bleaches Americana denim shorts!

  1. Grab some plain denim shorts inwhatever wash you like!
    I grabbed a pair of American Eagle shorts form the back of my draw thatI literally haven’t worn since I was 12. I knew I wouldn’t miss them if I messed up so that’s a comfort! 
  2. Get your supplies ready! You’ll need:
    Duct Tape
    A Plastic Sheet or Bag
    A Razor blade
    A Marker
    A piece of card
  3.  Fill your spray bottle with bleach. I used both a spray bottle and a squirt bottle.
  4. Use the marker to draw a line on your jeans where you want to cut them and cut the legs of with your scissors to make cut-off shorts.
  5. Use the duct tape to tape up one side of your shorts into stripes. The parts you tape with remain blue and the exposed areas will be bleached. Make sure you apply the tape smoothly and avoid air bubbles.
  6. Cover your piece of card in duct tape, draw on stars and cut them out using your razor blade. You sill use this as a stencil while bleaching the other side of your shorts.
  7. Start applying bleach to the exposed areas of your jeans on the striped side, making sure to avoid the waistband and pockets. You can tape these areas if you need to.
  8. Use your stencil to bleach your stars. I recommend using a spray bottle instead of a squirt bottle for this. When you’ve set your templates, you can use a brush to define the corners of the stars with more bleach.
  9. Watch the bleach turn the areas whiter and them remove the duct tape carefully.
  10. Leave your shorts to air dry and then throw them in the washing machine on cold and then let them dry completely. This may take some practice and I learned to use smaller star stencils. :) Have fun!
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