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A Song of Ice and Fire 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Favourite Character from the book or show

This is a really hard question because there is so many I love

my favourites hands down are:

Arya Stark (because she’s a tomboy and a smart alec ;D)


Jon Snow (because he’s the broody guy that really needs a hug, and a looker)


 Tyrion Lannister (because he’s TYRION for God’s sake xD)


But after reading A Clash of Kings and seeing Season 2, there’s a new winner in my book

and that winner is Jaqen h’ghar.


Tom Wlaschiha has done THE perfect rendition of Jaqen anyone could ever imagine.

He’s mysterious and charming, in a stab-you-in-the-neck-for-a-price kinda way


So Jaqen it is :D