Reading Update: Olives - A Violent romance


Olives: A Violent romance - Alexander McNabb

On Olives so far:

Mr McNabb is a local author who finally published his own book independantly after years of hard work - Congrats! :)

Was kind enough to visit the TwitbookClub at our usual haunt in Wildpeeta for an interview about his book. We had lots of laughs and got author insight on the story.

@ The Back:

When Paul Stokes runs out of choices, his only path is betrayal. 

The fragile peace is holding. Behind the scenes, the Israelis are competing for dwindling water resources as Jordan and Palestine face drought. Daoud Dajani has the solution to Jordan’s water problems and is bidding against the British for the privatisation of Jordan’s water network. 

When journalist Paul Stokes befriends Dajani’s sister, Aisha, British intelligence agent Gerald Lynch realises Paul offers access to Dajani - the man threatening to drain Israel’s water supply and snatch the bid from the British. Blackmailed by Lynch into spying on Dajani, his movements seemingly linked to a series of bombings, Paul is pitched into a terrifying fight for survival that will force him to betray everyone around him. Even the woman he loves. 

Olives explores love in conflict, the pull of home set against the excitement of the new and a people trying to live alongside the conflict we see on television, the human stories behind glib media coverage that reduces the ebb and flow of existence to a few throwaway catchphrases. Forced to spy for his country, Paul finds himself embroiled in a struggle for survival between good and evil where the people he wants to see as the good guys are worse than he could ever have imagined.

So far the storyline has got me sitting on the edge of my seat what with the looming cloud of uncertainty you feel for Paul and the Dajanis as he struggles with the pressures of spying on his friends or face persecution.

Also constantly guessing about the relationship between him and the lovely daughter of the Dajani family - Aisha - and whether or not they’ll have a happy ending.

Before anyone starts to assume this book is just feeding off the political and human rights situation in Palestine, I would tell them not to shove the book onto that shelf just yet.

McNabb hasn’t made it a clear-cut Good vs Evil political intrigue, as is so monotonously used in most cheesy propaganda-esque novels. In fact the line is quite blurred.

Both “sides” have a darker element to them - they’re not all pristine and transparent - as most of these situations are in reality. And its the realistic imagery (utilised from years of living in the Middle east) that immerses you into the Olives world.

I’m excited to see where it leads.

Want more info? Check out the Olives Blog

So far the book is only published and for sale in Bookstores in the the UAE, but is available for delivery from The Book Depository for approx £10 (shipped free to over 100 countries including US :] )  

It’s available on Kindle here

Available for shipping in the US on Amazon (paperback $11.51) here

Also available on iBooks and Barnes & Noble. Just search “Alexander McNabb”

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