This elegant bronzed leather Colonial dress shoe, c. 1915,  has a decorative buckle and a high flaring tongue – both of which suggest a revival of the mid 18th century style. The “buckle” is ornamented with a silk ribbon and cut steel beading. The stylish Cuban heels are a bit higher and more delicate than in previous years. There is a single eyelet lacing under the tongue.

The right shoe is marked: Walkover Boot Shop, referring to manufacture by George E. Keith, a maker of fine shoes in the Campello section of Brockton, MA, who created the “Walk-Over” shoe. He was dedicated to making shoes fit better; in business he was progressive, up-to-date and perhaps even visionary in his factories and treatment of employees.

Keith worked in his father’s boot and shoe business as a youngster, and began business on his own with William S. Green in 1874. They separated in 1880, and Keith embarked on an even larger scale, becoming the foremost shoe manufacturing shoe concern in Massachusetts and perhaps the world.  His “Walkover” shoe was known the world over, with showrooms in many of the large cities of this country as well as branch offices in London, Melbourne, Cologne, Buenos Ayres and Santiago.

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